Why Hello!

We've got a new look goin' on.

Thanks to you, our business is growing! Ten years ago when we first started designing and building amazing things, we called ourselves Digital Worxs. Now the time has come to give ourselves a little face-lift to continue the service you count on.

We still do loads of digital projects, from app design to corporate identities (logos, letterhead, you know that sort of stuff). But in addition to just crankin’ out fantastic print materials and vehicles wraps, we also provide useful services as well – ensuring that your brand stays consistent across all channels of your advertising.

We look for creative ways to help your visual communication target and reach your Nitch (yes, we spelt it Nitch). We are constantly redesigning and reinventing what we do, so that you’ll be more successful and profitable at what you do.

Your company needs to advertise in order to reach its potential. Luckily for you, you’ve got a friend in the industry.

We're Nitch – a creative advertising co.